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Freight/Shipping Container

According to ISO 668:1995(E), a shipping container means an article of transport equipment which is:

a) of a permanent character and accordingly strong enough to be suitable for repeated use;
b) specially designed to facilitate the carriage of goods, by one or more mode of transport, without intermediate reloading;
c) fitted with devices permitting its ready handling, particularly its transfer from one mode of transport to another;d) so designed as to be easy to fill and empty;
e) stackable; and,
f) having an internal volume of 1 cubic meter or more.

Container types

Containers in general can be classified into two main groups: standard and non-standard.

The former are those complying with international standards (ISO) and can be used in international shipping. The later have length and width dimensions similar to those of ISO boxes but have different heights and weights and, therefore, may not be inter-modal worldwide.

According to ISO 6346 (1996), freight containers consist of following main categories:

  1. General purpose container           
  2. Thermal container
  3. Bulk container 
  4. Named cargo container 
  5. Open-top container 
  6. Platform container 
  7. Tank container

Should I Lease or Buy?
Leasing is not applicable for someone who is planning to modify and use an ISBU in a construction project. You always want to buy your ISO shipping container. Leasing is only for a short term storage situation.

How To Buy A Shipping Container
Buying a recycled ISBU shipping container is like buying a car, though we think a little less complicated. It's important because the is the base structure of your home or other construction project. We don't believe you are simply buying it to be green or environmentally correct. We think you are buying it for strength and peace of mind....

Checking Container Quality
- No matter who you buy from, If you can't see it in person, request several high quality photos of the inside, outside and top.  ...all 4 sides, inside and out.
- Ask it's age, and/or some documentation of it's age.
- Expect to replace the floor. The cost is low.  If not, be prepared to seal the wood with a polyurethane or epoxy paint coating.
- Buy an ISBU that is unpainted. Don't ask for it to be painted first. You want to see the unit with no paint so you can better assess it's value and damage.
- Scrapes are ok.  Rust is ok. What you "don't" want is corrosion.  If you see an ISBU with scaly corrosion then it hasn't been well maintained at all.  Rust oxidation is common on scrapes. ...but   corrosion and scale is not common.  It can mean poor care, or possibly it is not even Corten steel. The cost to replace and patch the corrosion is usually not even worth discounts.
- Small dings and dents are ok unless they are so bad they effect your finished interior/exterior.
- Check to see if the ISBU is square, not twisted so it will sit flat and connect to other ISBU properly
- For best protection you should request and SIR certification on the containers before you buy.
Click Here to see container sizes and dimension:

Shipping Container Costs
Obviously the cost of an ISO shipping container will vary depending on a few factors.
- The country where you live
- The condition and quality of the shipping container
- How near you are to a shipping port

We see some websites suggesting prices of $800-$1000.  That is absolutely not realistic unless you are buying a very low quality shipping container.

20' Standard (8'6" High) B GRADE (AS-IS) - $1,209
20' Standard (8'6" High) A GRADE Wind & Water Tight (WWT) - $1,278
20' Standard (8'6" High) CERTIFIED (IICL/CSC PLATED) - $1,408
20' Standard (8'6" High) NEW (ONE-TRIP) - $2,279 
40' Standard (8'6" High) B GRADE (AS-IS) - $1,241
40' Standard (8'6" High) A GRADE Wind & Water Tight (WWT) - $1,309 
40' Standard (8'6" High) CERTIFIED (IICL/CSC PLATED) - $1,408  
40' Standard (8'6" High) NEW (ONE-TRIP) - $3,833 
40' High Cube (9'6" High) B GRADE (AS-IS) - $1,809
40' High Cube (9'6" High) A GRADE Wind & Water Tight (WWT) - $1,849
40' High Cube (9'6" High) CERTIFIED (IICL/CSC PLATED) - $2,449 
40' High Cube (9'6" High) NEW (ONE-TRIP) - $4,449
45' High Cube (9'6" High) B GRADE (AS-IS) - $2,199
45' High Cube (9'6" High) A GRADE Wind & Water Tight (WWT) - $2,250
45' High Cube (9'6" High) CERTIFIED (IICL/CSC PLATED) - $2,949

Delivery is usually extra depending on distance.

Delivery Costs
Who is paying the deliver costs? How much will they be?
When you get a quotation from us, you must always get the exact details regarding the delivery
and delivery costs.
Make sure the quotation is Door to Door, or know exactly how much the delivery will be from another
source.  Most legitimate dealers quote the price of the ISO container + the exact price of delivery is extra, but
they can give you an exact amount before you buy.

Beautiful Shipping Container Homes

You know, freight containers have a life-span of over ten years as receptacles in shipping industry. After such period, these useful units likely do not qualify for shipping due to damages, wear and tear during shipping process.
What happens to those no longer in uses? Scrapped, mostly. That kind of work requires considerable energy, time, and expenses when taking into account a large number of containers becomes over-aged every year.

Example of shipping container uses:

    Snack bars, Concession stands
    ATV and nowmobile Storage
    Automobile Storage
    Guard Shacks
    Hunting Shelters
    Driveway portable storage units
    Retaining walls
    Secure perimeter barriers
    Fencing and Storage
    Containers as Structures
    Wine, Vintner Storage
    Overflow Cargo Storage

    Work Area / Work Shops
    Emergency Shelters
    School Buildings, surplus supplies
    Artist Studios
    Flower Stands
    Firework stands
    Fire training facilities
    Military training
    Movable exhibition spaces
    Agriculture Storage
    Farm Equipment and supply storage
    Ranch Storage
    Paint Storage
    Files, Books, Business Record Storage

    Jobsite Container Storage
    Pre build self storage facilities
    Construction Storage
    Mobile field office
    Tool Storage
    Overflow Equipment Storage
    Inventory Storage

    Welding Shop
    Sandblasting Booth
    Portable Generators
    Sports equipment storage

    Field research storage
    generator sound insulator
    Residential moving and storage
    Driveway Portable Storage Unit
    Sub Frame for housing