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Customized Specifications

A Perfect Fit
Finding the right set of ingredients to fit the technical needs of your product can be a challenging task, but with our assistance the process can be much smoother. If your cookie, bread, cake, bar, muffin, pizza crust, tortilla, granola or cold cereal needs an adjustment in texture, absorption, bite, friability or granulation, changing your base ingredients may be the answer. We'll work with you to find an existing Grains/products that is close to meeting your needs and then adjust it to fit your specifications.

Flaked Products
On flaked products typical adjustments include flake thickness, water absorption, granulation, and bulk density. For example, high-absorbing products can help retain water and syrups used in your product, while lower bulk densities may be important to meet your packaging requirements. Incoming grain can vary from season to season, so working with us to determine high priority items on your specification can help maintain the product consistency your customers expect.

Flour Products
Granulation is the primary variable characteristic in specialty flours, as different granulation allow for different mouth feel, absorbance and dough strength. The level of dietary fiber and gluten content can also be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the amount of bran extracted from the flour.

Bran Products
Granulation can be adjusted with bran products, as can the amount of flour retained with the bran. Brans can also be mixed with other products to create a single ingredient that performs a specific function. For example, our hydrocolloid fiber blend is made from our natural oat fiber mixed with oat bran and works well as a meat extender.