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Seed Oil

At PAYALI TRADING, it’s not just about the products we sell; it’s about the relationships we create by being solutions oriented for our customers. We study and cultivate relationships in the ever growing categories of Edible and inedible oil. As an International Manufacturer and Distributor of Internally Stabilized Bulk Oils, Oil Powders, Nutritional Softgels and on trend Specialty Items, you can count on PAYALI TRADING to deliver the right product to fit your ingredient needs. — We are committed to delivering safe, high-quality products that exceed customer expectations and satisfy all regulatory requirements.

As a global manufacturer and distributor of bulk natural, organic and nutritional oils and powders, we are your single source supplier! We offer high quality, competitively priced Internally Stabilized Bulk Oils including favorites; MCT, EPO, HC, Phytosterols, Rice Bran, Lecithin, Cranberry, Coconut, Grape, Black Currant, Safflower, Sunflower, Saw Palmetto, Chia, Wheat Germ, Hemp, Flax, Pumpkin and GRAS certified Borage.

PAYALI TRADING can turn virtually any Oil into a Stabilized Oil Powder. Bring us your formulation specs and we will work with you! We provide the industry’s highest nutritional oil content in powdered form. Our exceptional high quality nutritional powders enable wholesalers and private label retailers to sell high oil content nutritional supplements also in tablet or capsule form.