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Palm Oil

:    Slip Point, Softening Point or Rising Point
:    Molecular Weight of Palmitic Acid is taken as 256

:    Colour measurement based on Tintometer Model 'E' AF 900 and Model 'D' AF 702.
:    Specifications for palm stearin depend on the process used
:    Specifications are shipped quality final

Product Measures;

• Crude Palm Oil
• Crude Palm Kernel Oil
• RBD Palm Kernel Oil
• RBD Palm Oil
• RBD Palm Olein
• Palm Methyl Ester(Bio Diesel and Bio Fuels)
• Margarine;     • Palm Acid Oil
• Palm Fatty Acid Distillate
• Palm Kernel Seed
• Palm Kernel Meal
• Palm Kernel Expeller
• Palm Kernel Cake
• Vegetable Ghee/Vanaspati;     • Bagasse Pulp;
• Bagasse Animal Fooder;
• Vegetable Fats;
• Dough Fats;
• Shortening;
• Frying shortening;
• Red Olein

Crude Palm Oil
Usage For : Raw material of edible oil refinery or cattle feed.

RBD Palm Oil

Usage For : Deep Frying, Vanaspati, Vegetable Ghee, Margerine, Shortening, Ice-cream & Bakery Fats.

RBD Palm Olien

Usage For : Cooking Oil, Confectionary Fats, Shortening & Noodles.

RBD Palm Stearin

Usage For : Shortening, Margarine, Vanaspati, Confectionary Fats & Soap.

Palm Fatty Acid Distillated
Usage For : Soap, Detergent


RED Palm Olien
Usage for : Cooking Oil Only "for anti cancer purpose" also known as vegetable oil, for cooking and salad


Cocoa Butter Substitute
Usage For : Chocolate & All Kind Of Cocoa Products.


Refined Palm Oil
Usage For : Deep Frying, Vanaspati, Vegetable Ghee, Margerine & Shortening. "Lower Quality"