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PAYALI TRADING (PTY) is the united voice of the specialty feed ingredients business in Africa. Our membership comprises manufacturers and traders of feed additives, functional feed ingredients, premixes and other mixtures of specialty ingredients that enter the food chain via feed. We facilitates the dialogue between EU institutions and feed business operators while promoting feed and food safety and a fair and competitive market.

PAYALI TRADING (PTY) is dedicated to being a reliable and knowledgeable partner for you. Our experienced team works fast and chooses a personal approach. We offer a wide range of premixes, feed additives, milk replacers and protein concentrates that we will carefully tailor to your needs. If desired, we can even compose a shipping of more than one product in one container. Having effective shipping companies within our proximity moreover provides us with cost efficient global distribution possibilities.

Our main activities include the following;

- Promote, defend and represent the common and general interests of the worldwide industry of specialty feed ingredients.
-Promote the benefits and safety of specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures.
-Promote the scientific study and the development of specialty feed ingredients worldwide.
-Improve the understanding among the public and more particularly the users of these products.
-Maintain cooperative contact with AU, EU and Member States authorities and other associations having related purposes; assure flows of information
-Participate in the decision-making process of new legislation.
-Develop professional voluntary tools (codes of practice, etc.) that ensure the quality and the safety of specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures.
-Support our members' effort for safe, cost effective products for food chain.
-Promote the sustainable development of livestock production by using specialty feed ingredients.
Payali Trading Feed Addictive is suitable for human,  pigs, ruminants and poultry premixes and we deliver to the animal feed compound industry, home-mixers, feed producers, integrators, animal feed concentrate and distributors Worldwide