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Custom Labeling

Standardized Products, Personalized Labeling

As a major ingredient producer (and a major ingredient purchaser for our blending facilities) we understand the confusion that can occur in any receiving warehouse. Our custom labeling service can help minimize this confusion by placing your product name, part number, or barcode on our product before it arrives at your facility.

The part number can also be placed on other documents provided to you by Payali Trading (Pty) Ltd, such as Bills of Lading, Invoices and Certificates of Analysis. There are fees and minimum order quantities associated with this service, but it can lower the overall cost of your operation by reducing expensive mistakes.

Custom labeling is offered on any of our standard industrial-sized products, such as 25 lb bags of red wheat nuggets, 50 lb bags of rolled oats or 2000 lb totes of wheat bran.

Private Label Packaging

If you have a brand name, logo, or packaging style that you wish to market our quality ingredients under, we can reduce costs by producing directly into bags that you supply. Perhaps you're using our blending services with some of your own ingredients, or we're producing a product to a specification your customers love using. Either way, we're happy to co-pack our ingredients into your bags.