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The South African Bureau of Standards, or SABS, is a national body established to promote and maintain the standard and quality of products and services available in South Africa.

One of the goals of the SABS is providing a range of standards that cover the demands of the Food & Beverage industry in South Africa. These standards cover everything from the standardisation of quality management systems and manufacturing, to the standardisation of test methods for certain materials or parts.

The implementation of these standards helps organisations such as Multisnack to enhance their rate of customer satisfaction and meet specific reliability, regulatory and safety requirements. This, in turn, ensures the consistent quality of products and services throughout the supply chain.


(SANS 10330:2007)

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (SANS 10330:2007) is a systematic approach that aims to prevent food safety risks that may cause end products to be unsafe. HACCP is thus aimed towards the prevention of risks during the production process rather than final product inspection. HACCP do not, however, only apply to the production process, but to the all stages of the chain of food production, including production, preparation, processing, packaging and distribution.

This certification guarantees that companies analyse, identify and control every potential hazard throughout each stage in the chain of food production, and that they do so at regular intervals to ensure the safety of their products for human consumption.


(Islamic Law)

The National Independent Halaal Trust, or NIHT, is an institution that sets out to maintain the highest Halaal standards. The standards the NIHT oversees adheres to those prescribed by the Sharia (Islamic Law). These standards were determined by Mufti’s and various Ulema across the Islamic ideological spectrum, ensuring peace of mind for Islamic people across South Africa.


Food safety management system auditing

Food Safety Assessment

The FSA is an institution with a leading reputation when it comes to providing the retail and food service sector with auditing services and is known for having extensive experience in food safety management system auditing. The FSA works with some of South Africa’s leading major food retailers, suppliers and restaurants, as well as key global retailers that trade in South Africa.

The fact that we have received accreditation from these notable institutions give us every confidence in our products and services. This means that each and every one of our customers can rest assured that they are receiving the safest, best quality products and services available on the market.


International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) from SGS – providing you with an international, practical and transparent system for the certification of biomass and bioenergy.