Our sucess makes all the noise...

We Manufacture varieties of Animal feed, each Mill supports a wide regional delivery footprint, with experienced Technical Advisors available to assess, advise and partner with farmers in an effort to service the market with an outstanding feed solution.

Our site consists of two factories, bringing the total number of feed mills to four. These mills are highly automated and are equipped to manufacture a wide variety of feeds for optimal animal nutrition. Integrated quality and safety systems are in place at all mills to ensure the consistent output of high quality products for livestock consumption.

Payali Trading has extensive expertise in the production and formulation of feeds for monogastric livestock (such as poultry) and ruminant livestock (such as cows).

The main feed categories include poultry (broiler and layer), dairy, pig, ostrich, fish and sheep feed. Feed is supplied to the integrated poultry farming operations and the external feed market.

      Soybean Meal

      Rapeseed Meal

Meat Bone Meal
Liquid Soy Lecithin