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Worldwide Supplier and Manufacturing

Payali Trading Pty is a food manufacturer and distributor located in Albany, Texas USA, and Johannesburg (Central Business District, SouthAfrica), with 10,000sqf / 1,000m2 warehouse for import and export. Throughout our group of industries, we supply the following products; Rice,  Evaporated Milk, Feed addictive, Animal feed, Maize, and Scrap

Built with the American Standards of Respect and Quality

Payali Trading Pty manages the process of International Finance, Custom Clearance, Global Logistics, Banking, and Warehousing. We pride ourselves in representing the Producers & Buyers to make sure a high level of ethical standards is maintained. We follow the traditional norms, procedures, and values of International trade.

Foreign Trade Zone at the Port of Everglades

Foreign Trade Zone or FTZ is where imported or exported goods may be landed, Manufactured, Handled, and Reconfigured without intervention of the custom authorities. If you wish to import to the United States of America or Export worldwide from here or through here, we can source, pack, and store at our 10,000 square foot Armed Guard facility or handle it globally through our headquarters in Broward.

Certified Organic

Most of our products can be purchased in both organic and conventional versions.
When purchasing at Payali Trading (Pty) Ltd organically certified products you know that the product hasn't been treated with chemicals, pesticides, or un-natural additives. All organic products are sourced from organically certified farms, which grow only non-genetically modified crops without the use of pesticides.

Certified Gluten Free

Payali is proud to offer a full line of certified gluten-free oat products to help our customers meet the needs of the gluten-free community.

While oats are naturally gluten-free, they may come in contact with wheat, barley and rye as the oat supply moves from the farmers’ fields to our mills. The system we developed to remove these stray kernels of non-oat grains relies on a combination of mechanical separation, optical sorting and selective sourcing to ensure that nothing leaves our door unless it complies with our third party certifier and the FDA’s strict gluten limits.

A Note About Order Minimums

As a wholesale supplier/Manufacturer, our sales to the general public are limited. Minimum quantities vary from a full pallet to a full truckload depending on the product. Ask us about minimums and pricing for the ingredients you need. If we can't supply you, we will be able to find a nearby distributor.