Fresh and Dried fruits 

No matter which dried fruits you will choose, they are all very useful as they have significant portion of vitamins, acids, minerals and other nutrients, indispensable in your everyday diet. The complex of nutrients differs from one fruit to another but what is in common that’s high concentration of glucose, fructose, minerals, organic acids, pectin, vitamins A, B and P. As to the vitamin C, the most of it is destroyed during the drying process. You will greatly benefit from the minerals in the dried fruits: calcium, potassium, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus, iron, sodium.

Dried apricots have the highest content of vitamin A and potassium. They are also rich in in iron, magnesium, calcium and niacin. Dried cranberries have a lot of calcium and magnesium as well as considerable amounts of phosphorus, pantothenic acid, vitamin E, B6. Dried figs have extremely huge portion of potassium and iron, like no other fruits. You can also be a source of organic acids, vitamins B, A, C and many minerals. If you prefer dried cherries your diet will be enriched by vitamin A, pectin, calcium and iron. Would rather go for dried mango? It will boost your energy with vitamins B, E, D; calcium, iron and phosphorus. As you see, all of them are rich in nutrients which will not only still your hunger but also improve your health.

Health Benefits of Dried Fruit

In order to get the most benefits for your health out of dried fruit you should combine them, as each dried fruit has a special content of nutrients. It’s not hard to do as they all combine well with each other. In order to feel the positive effect from the consumption you should have around 200-300 g of dried fruit every day. And it’s better if you don’t eat all this amount at one time but divide it into 2-3 servings per day. These delicacies will boost your energy in the morning, still your hunger during the day and will prevent from eating too much in the evening. Let’s have a closer look at some of them to see clearer what benefits you’ll get for your body:

Dried Cantaloupe

Organic Pineapple

Freeze-Dried Spinach

Organic Dried Guava

Dried Organic Banana

Dried Apricots

Sun Dried Peppers

Dried Organic Papaya

Cashew nuts